The Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory investigates extremely intense explosions called gamma-ray bursts, blazing supernovae and voracious black holes gobbling down matter at fantastic rates. This page features standards-based activities which use the targets of Swift science to help educators engage students in exploring the wonders of the gamma-ray Universe.

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Gamma Ray Burst Unit

Standards-based activities designed to use gamma-ray bursts to engage your students and teach them science and math concepts

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GEMS The Invisible Universe

The Electromagnetic Spectrum from Radio Waves to Gamma-rays Guide

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Illustration of Newton

Newton's Laws of Motion

A set of 4 posters depicting and explaining Newton's laws of motion and gravitation

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Astronomy From Home

Use real astronomical data in your classroom!

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Space Math at NASA

Visit this NASA resource to download hundreds of math problems for grades K12 featuring a behind the scenes look at NASA press release

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