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Swift Education and Public Outreach
Goddard Space Flight Center Sonoma State University Education and Public Outreach

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The Swift Video
Thumbnail of Swift video. "In 1967, intense flashes of gamma rays were first observed from space. These brilliant bursts of energy burned brighter than all other gamma-ray sources in the sky. They come from far out in the Universe, and to shine so brightly from such great distances, gamma-ray bursts must be the largest known energy releases since the Big Bang. To catch these events before the fade into obscurity, NASA is now considering a new observatory, an agile, advance, and responsive spacecraft that lives up to its name, Swift." - This Quicktime video is seven and a half minute long.

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What's in the News? featuring Swift
Thumbnail of WITN logo. What's in the News? featuring Swift (WITN) was a television show, produced by Pennsylvania State University that reached millions of middle-school students across the country. WITN produced a series of short five-minute spots and longer 15 minute features that showcase Swift.

See the WITN videos created for Swift
Journey to a Black Hole
Thumbnail of Journey to a Black Hole video. "Imagine a place in the cosmos where gravity is so powerful that nothing not even light can escape its pull. It's a region surrounded by swirling streams of hot gas heated to temperatures reaching, millions of degrees. A Phenomenon where particle jets shoot from its center at nearly the speed of light, racing away from an event horizon that it's an unforgiving boundary of no return. This is a black hole, a cosmic cauldron where space and time as we know it, cease to exist." - This QuickTime video is just over nine minutes long.

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Gamma-ray Source Video
Thumbnail of Gamma-ray Source video. A short 25 second video describing the types of sources that are capable of giving off gamma-ray radiation.

Download: 1.7 MB
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Black Hole Video
Thumbnail of Blackhole video. A short 26 second video, which shows an animation of a distant black hole complete with jets and an accretion disk. (No Audio)

Download: 1.9 MB
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The Electromagnetic Spectrum Rap
Thumbnail of Blackhole video.

This video was done by two students from Cascade Christian High School.

  • Rap of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Rap of the Electromagnetic Spectrum with captions

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