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Swift Education and Public Outreach
Goddard Space Flight Center Sonoma State University Education and Public Outreach

Multimedia Gallery

These pages contain images, video, and animations about the Swift mission. These can be used for talks, presentations, classrooms, and in print.

  • Image Gallery - This is a collection of images about the Swift mission. It includes images of Swift's construction, launch, and artist representations of Swift in space.
  • Newsletter - This is a quarterly newsletter detailing the current news and events of the Swift mission.
  • The Swift Song - An upbeat, catchy pop tune which teaches listeners about the math and science behind the elusive gamma ray bursts and the Swift satellite.
  • Educational Video Gallery - Check out the Swift educational video and other videos about black holes and gamma-ray sources.
  • Video Gallery - This gallery contains actual footage and some animations about Swift's mission, including its launch. There are also press reports and scientist interviews about Swift.
  • Animation Gallery - These are all the animations made about Swift. They show what Swift is doing in space, what GRBs look like, and what causes them.
  • Audio Gallery - Here you will find audio interviews with Swift team members who talk about the exciting science of the Swift mission.

If you have a question about Swift, please contact us via the Feedback form.

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