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Classroom Materials-
Newton's Second Law of Motion: Force, Velocity and Acceleration

Poster thumbnailThis educational wallsheet illustrating Newton's Second Law of Motion is the second of a set of four. Each image on the front of the poster illustrates Newton's Second Law, and is described on the back. The wallsheet also provides teachers with background information, pre-activity reading for the students that relates the law to the forces, velocities, and accelerations observed during the launch of the rocket carrying Swift into orbit, pre-activity discussion, a classroom-ready activity and assessment, an extension activity for advanced students, and post-activity discussions that tie the classroom activity back to the Swift satellite launch.

These activities address the following Standards.

PDF version Newton's Second Law Activities. (Spanish Version)

Disability Accessible PDF version Newton's Second Law Activities.

HTML version Newton's Second Law Activities.

Poster to accompany these activities.


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