Swift Education Committee Meeting 2003

Held at SSU on July 21st and 22nd, 2003

Continental Breakfast will be served every morning at 8:00 am in Carneros.
Introduction- Swift Education Committee - Lynn Cominsky
Mission Status Overview, current launch
The Swift E/PO Program - Phil Plait

15 min break
Activity: Sorting out Nature's Second Biggest Bang
The Italian Update - Sarah Silva for Monica Sperandio
Lunch (provided by Swift)

What's in the News Update- Betsy Hutton and Katie O'Toole
The Swift Educator Ambassador Program- Rob Sparks and Rae McEntyre
Activity: Great Interplanetary Gamma Ray Burst Hunt

15 min break
PSU Summer Program- Lisa Brown
GTN: An Overview - Tim Graves and Gordon Spear
Discussion: The EAS, the SwEC Past, Present, and Future
Discussion: The strengths and weaknesses of the Swift E/PO program: An evaluation
Adjourn for the day

Dinner at Little H-Bar Ranch Host: Lynn Cominsky (Directions in Binder)
Weather permitting: SSU Observatory Viewing

Continental Breakfast will be served every morning at 8:00 am in Carneros.
Professional Development and the OSS E/PO task force report- Sarah Silva and Jim Lochner
SSU E/PO Program - Lynn Cominsky
Presentation of UK E/PO by Sarah Silva for Anastasia Pappa
15 min break
Activity: GRB Distribution Across the Sky
Activity: Beaming Me Up!
Lunch (provided by Swift)

Discussion: Gamma Ray Activities
Swift Educator Presentation: Newton's Laws Materials- Bruce Hemp
Presentation of t-shirt ideas and Swift Model- Aurore Simonnet
Discussion: Reviews of past Materials
15 min break
Discussion continued
Discussion: Planning for Launch E/PO
Discussion: Planning for Postlaunch E/PO
Discussion: Postlaunch planning (continued)
Adjourn Meeting